Route Plan - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the name of my favorite addresses after I save them?

Yes. Open the Favorites menu (from the Find Route or Find Location screen) and long press on the name of the saved favorite. Then you can edit or change the name.

How can I add a Point of Interest in the List?

Route Plan has over 40 of the most popular Points of Interest saved in the app. You can’t edit this list, but you can save any Points of Interest that you like as Favorites. To do this, go to the Search screen and use the Find Address feature to find the location by entering its address. Once you have found it, tap the star on the status bar to save it.

What happens when I go to the Settings Menu and select “Stations in City Center”?

This feature controls the number of stations displayed in the “List of Stations” and text hints when you are using the Search function. Tram stations and RER stations outside of the city center are not included in these lists when you are only showing stations in the City Center. However, if you directly enter the name of the station you are looking for, you can still locate it and use it in route searches. This feature reduces the number of stations in the list from approximately 800 to just over 300 and it allows people who don’t leave the city center to more easily find the stations that are relevant to them.

How can I save my route searches?

Every route that you search for is saved in the recent searches menu, which is available from the Search Route screen.

How can I get more questions for the quiz?

Right now there are over 40 in the quiz, so you can play several times without any repeat questions. If you’d like more questions, go to the contact page and send us an email. We’ll let you know if we create more questions.

Can I download the map for other cities?

As Route Plan becomes available for other cities you'll be able to download apps for those cities. Otherwise, any map view that is shown on your screen when you have an internet connection (for Paris or another location that you geo-locate to) will be saved to your phone's local memory and you will be able to access it offline later. When doing this this, be sure to zoom in to the highest magnification you want to see in order to save it on your phone for offline use later.

Can I search for hotels, restaurants, pubs, etc by name?

Route Plan can find any address in the city if the address is correctly entered into the Address Search field (e.g. 1, rue de rivoli).

Route Plan - Paris (not Barcelona) also has a limited ability to find locations when their name is entered into the search field without an address. For example, if you type Hotel Lutetia in the search field, Route Plan will locate it and show it on the map. However, if the location name that you enter is not in the Route Plan database, it can’t find the location. If you don’t have an address, the best way to search for locations with Route Plan is to enter the category (e.g. hotel, restaurant, café, pub) and the postal code (e.g. restaurant 75006). Route Plan will then return a list of all known locations beginning with those closest to the postal code you specify.